with a rainbow

On our first date E picked me up in an orange Volkswagen Beetle. I got in and looked down. I could see the road as we drove along. There was no floor on the passenger side.. It had long rotted away.. He said “just put your feet on either side of the hole, you’ll be fine”  E likes to do a lot of things with his hands, electrical systems, water systems, gas systems, but he doesn’t do cars. He hates working on cars…

The day was warm and cloudy.. a little rain.. perfect for getting outside and working. We took the opportunity with the warmer temperatures to go down to the boats and start everyone up… Our boat, the family boat our neighbours boat.. got everyone humming… E brought the family car back to our house to remove the alternator. We are going to town tomorrow to pick up the newsletter so we can take it in to the mechanic we have used before for our truck.. We are hoping fixing the alternator will resolve the battery issues with the family car. It took E the better part of four hours to get it out… Did I mention he hates working on cars?

We have had some puddles on the path from the heavy rains lately and we would like to make access a little safer for our guests. We had considered bringing buckets of beach sand down to level it. I brought down some firewood today and while I was walking down the hill I had a brilliant thought… If I just dismantle the rotten stump on the path and harvest all of the mulch I will have plenty to level the whole area out by the bench. We could put a couple of steps in over the slippery rock and we could have a very nice entry way. E can put a couple of steps in.. no problem.. few bags of cement and some sand.. How hard could it be? I’ll add it to his list…

I put the firewood away and began chipping away at the rotten stump which sat in the way of my plan.  I am not denying the birds any food.. There were no insects, it is well-rotted and mostly dust.. and awesome mulch. It took all afternoon. The amount of mulch which became available to us for the path out of the stump was incredible.

Once I got rid of the stump there was a big rock left which the stump had been attached to. We can work around it..  When E came down from the truck he gave me a hand with the last of it.. I was running out of steam.

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I misspoke, the day did not begin with our trip to PC to get the truck and start the boats. It began           nov 27 008

with a rainbow


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