hood is back

Springtime in November.. Walking in the sunshine at SoHo yesterday, the arbutus trees were filled with robins eating the berries. It sounded like springtime. We found a ton of beach glass as the dogs ran on the sand…. I guess the storms from last week stirred the glass to the top. nov 23 051


Yesterday a hummingbird showed up. I hung the feeder I had put away for the winter.. Today he returned ….

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I worked outside in the sunshine all afternoon. It was eleven degrees and gorgeous.. There was a huge rainstorm last night but today it was a distant memory.. I am laying rocks along the path down to the house. Hopefully with a more defined path we will be less likely to lose too many people off the cliff.nov 23 069

We have this very friendly squirrel who we are quite fond of… He lets me feed him by hand. We also put a little feeder on the arbutus tree outside the window where I sit.. He is right below me as he gets his peanuts in the shell for breakfast. We ran out last week and he stood on the arbutus tree yapping at us through the window.. E took pity and filled black oil sunflower seeds into the feeder. The squirrel would have stolen the seed from the bird feeders anyway .. We just saved the squirrel some time….

Friday we noticed that he has now stolen insulation from under the house and tucked it into the feeder. Is he making a nest or just trying to cover the seeds to keep them warm? Who knows, but watching him right beside my chair is very entertaining while I drink my morning coffee.. Sure it’s not like when a whale comes by or a dolphin.. but its fun…

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Here is the sunset from last night… nov 23 054

And for those of you who remember last year when I first witnessed these (flocks of robins) in the Arbutus trees… the

hood is back

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