but say Jesus!

Our first apartment as a married couple was in an old Shaunessy mansion in South Granville. We had two huge bedrooms, large bathroom (with tub), two floors, nice kitchen and a wood stove in the living room. It cost us $450.00 per month. During Expo, I could sit in my rocker with our first born and watch the evening fireworks as I rocked him to sleep. I first noticed it had followed me there, six months after we moved in.

I thought it was only in my mother’s house. I didn’t know everyone had one. It is there before you know it, but let’s agree, it is there and you are grateful when you need it… I am talking about that drawer in your kitchen where you will find everything you are looking for. Ours currently has calculators, scissors, liquid paper and safety pins. Spare mouse traps are there beside the old cases for eyeglasses and the allen wrench… I couldn’t tell you what some of the items are , what they are for or where they came from but they will be there when we need them. I know this because I tried to clean it out.

E has gone to Vancouver for the weekend for the family AGM. Once a year the siblings gather to talk about the shared vacation property we call SoHo.. They talk about the good and the bad and any long-term plans for the upkeep of the property.. A successful shared property if ever there was one. The secret is to keep the spouses out of these meetings :)….. So I am left to work on the Tidelines and enjoy the winter sunshine, alone. Last night, after I watched the daily sea lion parade at dusk, nov 15 054 I had my shower, poured a glass of wine and dug out some chocolate. The Canucks were on TV so I scrolled right past that channel and watched The Notebook.. Had a good cry…. An excellent evening.. Wouldn’t want too many of them, but it was nice.

So now I am at my kitchen table working on the Tidelines. To that end, I sit here writing my blog. I have brought down four loads of firewood, tried a new cookie recipe, cleaned the kitchen (gave up on the drawer), and visited with my eagle friend. He was sitting in the sunshine of the tree top above the studio trying to stay warm. It is below zero here in the shade today.

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But now I am serious about finishing the Tidelines.. There really isn’t much left to do.. I am going to work on it right now…. First I need some glass cleaner for my lap top screen.. It’s probably in that drawer.. You know the one.. I call it the Jesus drawer… You open it in disbelief and the pile of junk it contains. You cannot help

but say Jesus!

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