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possibilities are endless


Math 11 was in the portables behind the main high school, during the period after lunch. My girlfriend CY and I used to get up to all kinds of no good activities during lunch and then go to class and giggle.. Mr. K,  bless his heart called us to his desk once. He asked us if we could please wait until after school for our nefarious activities. It would be very helpful to him…Suffice to say.. I learned very little math.. I was given a CP.. which in 1974 was a pass on the condition I never darkened the door of a math classroom again….

As I looked at E’s job list today I remembered math. The list was long and daunting until I worked some of the math I remembered on his list… I have been reaquainted with math lately watching CH… Also, an off grid blogger wrote to me yesterday that he and his wife imagine if they could accomplish one job a day, it would 365 jobs accomplished in a year…. A worthy goal indeed. I took his adage and used some of my newly honed CH math skills to examine E’s job list….

Say we adapt off grid bloggers goal just a little to accept the reality that some of E’s chores take more than one day to complete… Even if we give him 3 days per chore.. with an extra 65 days for weather, and the occasional book reading day… that leaves an opportunity for 100 chores per year to be accomplished… Piece of cake.

Have to feel sorry for this little fellow.. Apparently it is tick season again…  I counted seven of them on his neck… Check your dogs!!!               oct 28 030

The expected storm wasn’t as bad as anticipated but we still went to check on SoHo.. Tide was high and the waves were beautiful..      oct 28 135                              Lots of good looking logs washing up on the shore.             oct 28 118

Aside from one tugboat at 8 am there hasn’t been another boat on the water.. good thing as there are a lot of dangerous logs in the troughs of the waves.oct 28 166

At this point in time E has thirty items on his list… As I figure it, this gives me room to add 70 more. There is no arguing with math… The

possibilities are endless

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. We used to have lists and then they got so long we categorized them into different lists. And then, so as not to lose a (important?) list, we made a list of the lists. One of the problems with lists of chores is that if you don’t manage to complete an item on the appointed day or days, you feel inadequate, let down, unhappy, etc. etc. And the worst thing would be to move the chore to another day as opposed to crossing it off and feeling the anticipated sense of accomplishment. So…. we decided to remove the pressure and have just one small list of NEEDS, not WANTS. The needs got done when they needed to and the wants gone done whenever. Aaaahhhh.

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