will be whales

It was cold and rainy and really really wet… and rainy…. Our cupboards are bare as we were planning to head to town on Wednesday for E’s appointment at the hospital. But there is a wind warning up for this week and travel is unlikely. E made the gallant offer to pop into town to get some groceries and I offered to stay at home and keep the fire going….The water was calm and although really really wet out, it would be a quick trip…

He was gone a couple of hours when he sent me this text.oct 25 013

A pod of Orca surfaced beside his boat as he was heading thru the pass in front of SoHo. He killed the engine and took the best pictures he could with his phone… I have posted the video on Utube here

(Orca Video)

Lesson learned yet again.. Never let E go to town without me and never go anywhere without the good camera…No matter how rainy it is, cause that’s the day there

will be whales



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