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and become art


The drought is long gone.. oh man the rain last night.. yikes.. Sami is afraid of the rain (and the dark) and would just as soon water my indoor plants as go outside.. So there I was at 11 pm last night in my pj’s and a rain coat walking up Owl lane in the dark trying to convince him to shake his leg outdoors… He walked next to me..

As those who know him know.. he is usually running ahead of me investigating all that there is to investigate.. Last night he just slowly walked beside me.. incredulous that I was chosing to be outside getting wet when there was a perfectly good warm inside plant he could have watered…

The rain and wind continued most of the day, but by 3 we were able to get outside in the sunshine. I was given two containers of sheep pasture grass seed from JN in exchange for some home baking. I spread it on the driveway in the hopes of reducing last winters mud bath.. E was busy with his own project.

Remember when I mentioned that he was trying his hand at charcoal drawings. ( art classes)   Today he drew on the rock beside our garden with charcoal from the fire pit. Then with a paste of buttermilk and moss spores painted the drawings with a moss starter. Apparently the moss will now grow there

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and become art

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

8 thoughts on “and become art

  1. Nice jelly fish E.

  2. Cool!

  3. Whoa, finding that art recipe took some serious research. Looking forward to the “after” pix one of these days! Yup, that was some deluge. I was out walking when it started yesterday aft! Very nice to have a dryer…. 🙂

    • Hopefully, it will work and I will be able to post a picture of success:) …I don’t have a dryer of course, I just back my butt up to the fireplace….thanks for following!!!

  4. Yes we DO have strange jelly fish on this side….. you cut them in half and they look like deer!

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