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We had our first storm of the fall/winter last night. We have seen worse but accompanied with a heavy rain, it’s always a worry. The rain kept us awake as it fell on the skylight above our bed all night, so we slept in.

We were awoken by a call at 8:30  from my sister kindly alerting us to the goings on in Ottawa and advising us to watch the news… We spent the morning in front of the TV. The B’s came down to watch with us.. We don’t watch a lot of TV but I like to have the access on days like today when there is news coverage that I am interested in. We turned it off around 11 when there was nothing new to report in Ottawa.

We headed to SoHo for more seaweed and to put the battery back on the family truck. The truck was parked at the house instead of PC as we were super charging its dead battery.

.oct 22 023

At the top of our hill there was a large arbutus branch which had fallen by our wood pile. No damage done. It was pretty rotten. Driving to SoHo there were small branches down but nothing too remarkable… We coasted down the driveway at SoHo to find the truck looking a little worse than yesterday.

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We had hoped to have it working perfectly before family arrive in November. As it turns out, the truck might have another small problem E needs to add to his

to do list


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