wins or loses

The weather was supposed to turn. High winds and heavy rain predicted. But it was sunny and dry when we finished our coffee this morning so we took the opportunity to get our planned job done. As I have mentioned before, we always have a rainy day plan and a dry day plan for the next day when we go to bed at night…              oct 18 007

We headed to SoHo for some sea weed and maple leaves. We loaded the pickup truck with every bin and container we had. It didn’t take half an hour to finish the job.. Beautiful green eel grass was laying fresh on the beach in neat tidy piles, easily gathered. The sun was shining when we started but a black cloud was hanging over our head by the time we finished. The wind was gaining strength as it pounded the waves against the beach beside us… A beautiful background music to work with. We paused for a minute or two to gather a few pieces of beach glass for our collection and embrace the peace of the moment.

Plenty of leaves on the lawn at SoHo but they have barely begun to fall. The winds of the coming weeks will undress the maple trees and leave their bones naked for the winter. Our first big wind of the winter is predicted to arrive this evening. It is 7:48 pm but it hasn’t begun yet.

The rains were on again, off again all afternoon. We picked our moments to slip outside to finish little jobs. We lay the maple leaves on the vegetable garden and then a layer of seaweed. We laid it on thick. We will till it all in, during March… Time well spent compared to the hours I spent weeding last year. Tomorrow we will go back for another load to finish up the job.

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DY has come over to watch the hockey game with E. It is boring for E watching games with me.. I tend to focus less on the intricacies of the game and comment more on the weird eye glasses worn by commentators…  In my defence, if my kids aren’t on the ice I don’t really care who

wins or loses

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