on a cliff

My Moms garage in L is still filled with boxes of our “can’t give up” treasures. It’s been over two years. Our son is moving back to L for the winter and brought a load of our jewels back with him this weekend. The weather is supposed to get ugly later in the week. E thought he was up to it so we went down to our sons and emptied his truck.

Perfect day to cross, sunny and calm. I drove. We left the dogs at home. They are getting used to living here and don’t freak out if we leave them anymore.. It makes our trips less complicated without having to worry about the two of them in the car.

On the way back we picked up more mulch for the flower garden.. The new garden at the end of the vegetable garden is now covered. It took 8 bags of mulch… Tomorrow I am  going to go seaweed and maple leaf hunting to mulch the vegetable area.

We probably overdid as E is exhausted. He really has nothing he needs to do now until his hospital appointments,  so he can rest. Being a pirate is apparently more tiring than you might think.

When we first moved here we filled one moving van with our urgent necessities and we barged them across. Our furniture, dishes, tree peony and cork screw were in the first load. (moving day). Over the two years we  have filled our truck every time we see my Mom. Boxes of photo albums, books, and unfinished craft projects have been brought over. We have paintings, bedding and bird feeders. As the years pass our remaining treasures are probably less necessary than I thought..

We seem to be getting near the end of it. Today we brought over several flower pots and the lawnmower. Did I mention we live

on a cliff                            April 2 274


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