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bottle of Bailey’s


Our daughter doesn’t like crossing in rough water so we headed over to town a little early this morning. There was a wind warning in effect with gusts to 37 this afternoon. We had a great visit with her but she is still in University and had to get home to study and to her job. She promised to come back after Christmas for some more solid fireside ocean view reading time.

E met with his new Doctor and was very pleased. Doc seemed happy to have E as a patient and I am sure was intrigued by his unique medical history. He agree E has another case of Bell’s palsy. Same treatment as last time and then it is a matter of wait and see. Could be two weeks or six months you just don’t know. In the meantime E looks like a pirate and has to be forgiven for his temporary sneer. He has had fifteen years on immune suppression drugs with no such incidences. Doc wants to make sure there is nothing else going on to cause two episodes in ten months. Two more tests have been scheduled at the hospital in the next couple of weeks…Did I mention we came here to hide from hospitals, doctors, appointments and tests??? sigh…..

The doctor was running late and we were worried we would have a tough time getting home due to rough seas. The Sea Gods were on our side though as the waters calmed as we returned and  were in fact better than when we went across with our daughter in the morning.

oct 5 013

Cormorant fishing at the cut this weekend

The rain Gods however were not so kind and we returned home soaked like drowned rats. Hockey is on tonight and there is no where we have to be, E can rest.

It seemed like a good time to get into my pjs and open my winter

bottle of Bailey’s


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  1. Sorry to hear of E’s health issues again. We wish him well.

  2. What do you mean “Winter” bottle of Baileys…… only one? Come on, those evenings by the fire with a good book and a wee dram…. I wish you many such times. Also, glad to hear that E is in good hands.

  3. Cormorant!!

  4. Hope E is on the mend !

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