only makes sense

Burn piles, ditches, family and food. We have been busy. One of our sons was here for a few days helping us tidy up the property. We wanted to murder take down a few small trees to brighten the area at the entrance of the house. Our son wanted to practice dropping trees.. It was a perfect match.                  oct 13 020

We have a grove of Arbutus trees in front back of the house and we really want to highlight their beauty. I imagine a hill where you can’t get down to the house without noticing  how gorgeous the Arbutus are. Before I share a picture I need still need to do some tidying.. stay tuned.

I entertained myself by cleaning up behind our son and feeding my inner pyromaniac. Burn piles are a highlight of living here. I have divided and transplanted all of my perennials. I also moved a lot of the shrubs to improve the garden design. When I need to take a break, I sit in front of my new fireplace in the garden. It is very civilized.

The birds have found their new teacup feeder.  oct 13 006oct 13 016

After digging for sixty feet E found the connection he was looking for. The branch line connects to the main line right below our first burn pile location. We couldn’t have put it in a worse spot. We picked up the pipes and supplies he needed yesterday and E will complete his water project when the rains stops.   oct 13 032

We were in town yesterday to take our son home and to pick up our daughter. The two were able to visit while the we all had lunch but we still missed our other son. This year, we just could not coordinate Thanksgiving dinner with the entire family at once.

Back on the island my daughter and I came across a Barred Owl on our lane. There have been rumors of his residency since July but it was my first chance to get a good look at him. He is most welcome to move to our lane. I am sure there is plenty for him to eat here.

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Considering the name of our lane. His residence here

only makes sense.                                  dec 15 045




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