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dogs we have


When we first installed the on demand hot water system in the house we put the pressure tank in the closet in the den. ( hot water ) We found it noisy. We then took the closet out. (closet). We then put the pressure tank under the house. There is no insulation under the house, it sat exposed to the elements. Also, when the dogs chased raccoons under the house they would make the pressure tank bounce as they ran past it.. It was not good. So E took it out. The system works fine without it but it is better to have a pressure tank to regulate the hot water temperature.. E is going to install the tank up top in the studio.. To do that he has to dig a trench to the water source and rejig the plumbing so there is an in and an out to the studio.    oct 8 058

I planted my garlic. I used the biggest healthiest of last years crop to seed this years. I think I planted close to sixty cloves of garlic. I still have twelve nice sized ones to supply us for the winter.oct 8 054

I am a big believer in using “the good china”.. My grandmas Petit Point china sat unused in a box for thirty years after she died. E’s mother had the same china and we inherited it. I use the plates for our every day dishes but have limited need for the many many (many many) tea cups… so I made some bird feeders. I bought suet yesterday, melted it and mixed it with some seed. I think it is better they are used than spend their lives boxed in the attic. I will hang them when they are set and show you when we have our first visitor. (The cups are siliconed to the saucer)

oct 8 055

It was foggy when we awoke this morning but it cleared up to be a beautiful day.oct 8 049 oct 8 021

E worked with his pick axe and shovel all day to dig a trench to move the water pressure tank. It made me think perhaps we should have just trained the dogs not to chase racoons. But then I remembered the

oct 8 012

Sami’s tongue hangs out all of the time since he lost his front teeth in the otter attack

dogs we have


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  1. What a terrific idea using the cups and saucers with a homemade suet recipe for the birds.

    • Thanks. I used the tea cups last winter, but this year I have added the saucers after hearing they were selling tea cup and saucer bird feeders at the Cedar market this summer…:)

  2. The kanga has a trencher, you should have called us! 🙂

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