E’s job list

Our island’s volunteer fire department receives money from the Lottery Corporation for equipment and training. One of the items supported this year was first aid training for eighteen volunteers. During the summer an instructor came to the island to teach the course but E missed it as the course was on a weekend we were away.

Yesterday E and the Y’s went to town for the course. He took the day off from solar panel installation so he could learn how to save my life if and when the occasion should ever come up.. I stayed home and made dinner for the future heros.

and a special treat…                                 oct 2 002

Today, he was back up on the roof. As mentioned before when E is working he has two personalities depending on how the project is going. There is the E personality when things aren’t going well.. He behaves like he has a case of whispered turrets.. Everything seems fine unless you get close to him. If you get close you can hear him swearing angrily… There is also the personality when things are going well and as planned.. That E is always humming and singing while he works… Installing the solar panels is definitely a melodic job.. He likes doing it and it seems to go as planned. This is the second system he has installed.

We had originally planned to put the panels on the roof of the den but once we realized how large the system is we changed our minds. The frame and panels are huge!!.  It is now on the roof of the bedroom and I think it is a much better choice.. We are nothing if not flexible.

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This afternoon we went to visit our new neighbours. Friends of ours purchased the most gorgeous house you could imagine and took possession this week.. We are so happy for them. Not only does the house have wall to wall bookshelves, two bathrooms and a wine fridge.. It has two bathtubs!!!!  I don’t know what colorful adjective to use when I am just so very happy for them but jealous as heck. The shade of green doesn’t exist 🙂

We have come home to watch our new charge controller while I add bookshelves, wine fridges and bathtubs to

E’s job list




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