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To camp here


Living near a bird sanctuary in L, we used to get a great variety of birds in our backyard. Stellar Jays were very common. Although they are really just flying rats, I like them. I fed them peanuts in the shell. There were days when I couldn’t fill the feeder fast enough. I gave up and scattered them on the patio table. The Jays treated the table like a drive thru window at McDonalds.

At our house in L we never locked the doors and usually never closed the patio doors. During the months when the heat was off in the house we left the door open for the fresh air and garden scent, rain or shine.

We were heading to Mexico for spring break in 2004 and when the kids came home from school we dashed out to have our passport pictures taken at London Drugs.. We weren’t gone for more than twenty minutes.  I guess the Stellar Jays grew impatient for more nuts.

When we came home the dogs were very excited. There were feathers on the kitchen floor and there was a giant hole punched through the bag of peanuts. I asked the dogs what the hell had happened. They looked up at the bakers rack beside the fireplace in the family room.                            IMGP0249

The Y’s have had Stellar Jays visit their suet feeder here. We hadn’t seen one until today. At first I thought he was in the Arbutus tree eating the berries like the robins did last year. (Hood of Robins) But I was mistaken. He was in the Garry Oak eating acorns. I hope he sticks around. It brings back fond memories of my garden in L.

E spent the morning yesterday taking the solar panels off the roof.

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In the afternoon we went to the metal super market in town for supplies. E had designed a frame for our panels. With the metal bars he needed, today he built a huge solid frame. It is thirteen feet long. We live on the 49th parallel so the panels will sit at a 49 degree angle for optimum sun exposure.

The panels will face south on the roof of our den.

I occupied myself by cleaning up the spot above the cut at the north end of our property. Our kids are coming this month and one of them likes to sleep in this spot when he comes to visit. The forest floor is covered with a thick soft moss and the view is stunning.. Who wouldn’t want

to camp here


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  1. We’ve had 3 or 4 stellar jays show up this year too. They squabble over the bird feeder, but was funny watching them try to figure out a way to get down to the suet, the birdhouse roof doesn’t give them much of a grip and they kept sliding off. We used to get inundated with them in Victoria, but this year is only the second we’ve had them show up.

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