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their engine running


That was a quick 24 hrs. I was able to surprise Mom, and visit with my brother and sister for a bit. Mission accomplished.
During dinner I noticed dust-covered photo albums on the bottom shelf of a bookcase in the dining room. There were pictures of our youth, moms youth and Air Force days. None of us could remember seeing them.
Lots of my much adored Grandmother, Kerrisdale house, dog and even a few of my badly behaved but handsome father.
Today Mom and I spent her birthday going through all of the albums and putting names to the faces. I borrowed all of the good ones and am taking them back to the island to scan. Some are pretty faded and are already in jeopardy.
I will be home soon. I carry with me yet another winter project. Unlike yesterday there has been no Orca sighting I have however, found a great hole in the wall where I can sit in peace, plug my phone in and write while listening to James Taylor.
Although I haven’t yet figured out who it is, I have also found, I think, my intellectual equal. The Captain just made an announcement asking the driver of a Nissan Ultima to return to their car. It seems they left
their engine running





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  1. What a great find, wonderful pictures. I especially like the one of your Mom in uniform in the river LOL

  2. Pretty cute! Our late aunt lived on a ranch outside Airdrie – good to see that. I enjoy your writing – witty and I can identify with your lifestyle.

  3. Great pics Moira. Your mom looks like she was full of fun in her younger days.

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