time off occassionally

Woke up with this fellow watching us through the bedroom window.    sep 17 024                                      We had a little rain last night. Difficult to remember a time living on the West Coast when we missed the sound of rain. It wasn’t really enough to soak the earth as much as dampen the dust. The temperatures are cooler though, which encourages us to get out and chip away at our long to do lists. Our lists are long. E’s longer than mine.

sep 3 020

Studio/Generator shed

E swept the roof of both buildings and cleaned the gutters while Sami guarded the property from the deck.







The deer noticed one of the posts in the garden was rotten and used the opportunity to eat half of the leaves on the plum tree. Despite last years bumper crop of plums, there wasn’t one on the tree this year.  E replaced the post.

We went down to SoHo to harvest the apples as our sister-in-law isn’t able to make it over this weekend. The raccoon had beaten us to it. We were only able to get a dozen apples out of the south house orchard. If we had waited another day we would have had none. We came home and immediately harvested our own trees. There wasn’t much of a crop this year at all. Not very many apples on two of the trees but the Jonagolds are huge and delicious. I don’t know why we aren’t getting the apples the R’s got.. Don’t know where I am going wrong. The birds had eaten great hunks out of many of them. I will make some applesauce this afternoon.  sep 17 034

Yesterday we also put the winter canvas on the boat. We take most of the blue canvas off in the summer to enjoy the sun and simplify boarding of guests and luggage.                           march 20 013

After one winter of gathering sea glass, the collection is coming along nicely.  sep 9 013

But we are looking forward to many winter days on the beach at SoHo searching for more. With the long list of chores ahead of us this winter we are going to need to take some

time off occasionally


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