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makes me cry

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We had the same due date but she was two weeks late and our eldest was two weeks early. Her Mom, E’s sister is eight years younger than E. Practically children themselves, her parents went through prenatal classes with us.         IMG_0036

Her wedding day was Saturday.                   sep 7 008

The two families gathered on the Rowing Club dock by the river. The Vancouver skyscape the only decoration needed. Huge salmon jumped in the air from the river for a better view as international passengers looked down from their planes as they landed… It was a stunning locale but it didn’t hold a chance in comparison to the beauty of the Bride.

We missed our son and he was devastated to miss the wedding of his prenatal classmate but he is still on call fighting wildfires. But the four of us represented..

We welcome her choice of husband into the family and look forward to watching them living a life of adventure and unconditional love. The toasts, the dancing, the laughter, wine and food were the anticipated joys of a wedding when families gather for celebration. What always comes as a surprise is how emotional it is when a couple take the step to commit their lives to each other….It always

makes me cry





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