rain dance finery

Won’t matter if you have a beautiful new deck to watch the view, a lovely patio table to eat your salmon or a newly upholstered window seat cushion to spy on the otter if you don’t have water.. Water on an island is a precious commodity and right now we have none… This morning, I was “this close” to brushing my teeth with my precious pinot grigio…..

Our wonderful neighbours have been letting us borrow water from their well for the past two weeks but they are on a wine tour in the Okanogan and we couldn’t get their generator going…..This morning I interrupted their trip to text for a hint, tip or idea…. they had one and now thank ya jesus we got water.. Well (pun intended) not lots but enough to brush my teeth, wash the dishes and water the tomatoes… so a bit…

Dinner last night was great. The guys seem to have a had a great time this week. They had the Bay to themselves. Endless games of Sequence broken up by kayaking trips and late night adventures on the water playing with the phosphorescence were a welcome trip to four guys who have been working hard and needed a break. We were thrilled to see them here and enjoyed our dinner together.. The sunset did not disappoint. Driving your Grandfathers boat on your own for the first time is a milestone..noted, if not by him… by his parents. He has come a long way….



Our friends who travelled their bucket list trip to Alaska this summer returned today… I noticed as they sailed past the house they didn’t seem to be in a hurry for it to end…  Four months has flown and we are looking forward to a winter night or two hearing about their adventures and seeing their pictures.


Life is slowing down and we are preparing for our winter projects. The weather continues to be hot and sunny. If you are looking for me I will be dancing up by the well in all my best

rain dance finery


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