a mouse sighting

It started with a list. A simple grocery list for E to take to town today. That prompted me to start a list for a winter Costco shop, a list of items to take to the city next week, a list of things to do before I go to the city and then of course a list of things it would be nice to accomplish during the winter months… As discussed, nothing happens around here if it is not on a list. This summer I have had no time for lists and that is how I defend how little we have accomplished since June. (If anyone should ask)

To make the Costco list I had to go through the pantry. Going through the pantry I remembered the recent mouse sighting (in the tv room) and I thought just in case.. it was time the pantry had a good scrubbing. So I pulled everything out, inspected expiry dates, washed down shelves and tossed the dry milk powder. I bought the dry milk powder three years ago for a “what if” situation… I have since realized there isn’t a “what if” that exists which will make me drink milk from powder again in this lifetime.. On the bottom shelf, behind the tin foil, saran wrap, garbage bags, christmas cookie tins and canning lids I found 8 bottles of our home-made wine… I thought we were out!!!  Five of the precious Pino Grigio and 3 of the red.

Since all of the baking supplies were on the counter, I decided to make a chocolate cake for our guests tonight. Our middle son is on the island with three of his friends for a few days. They are having a great time kayaking around the neighbouring islands during the warmest August on record. On their last night, tonight, they are coming for dinner. The sight of the four of them kayaking past our house yesterday epitomized why we live here. A home where our adult kids and their friends can take a break from work and the city to relax and enjoy all that the gulf islands can provide.

We will put a roast on the spit. Cook up lots of the vegies from the garden and make a big salad with my tomatoes. Cake for dessert and all of it paired washed down with home made vino found in the pantry. Apparently there is an upside to the cleaning required after

a mouse sighting.                                           aug 26 2014 002

16 thoughts on “a mouse sighting

  1. I used to sock away a $10 bill in a coat pocket, or change purse so I could be delighted in the future…. maybe wine is a better idea.


  2. I used to sock away a $10 bill in a coat pocket, or change purse so I could be delighted in the future…. maybe wine is a better idea.


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