Travel with me

Back on the ferry and its a beautiful day on the water. $16.80 each way as a passenger isn’t cheap if you commute often, but the German tourists beside me think its a hell of a deal.

Our family has spent so much time on the ferry over the years, the Germans excitement reminded me to look out the window and treasure the ride.

When we were first dating, we would ride the ferry envious of the couples vacationing with their young children. We had wanted children from the very beginning. Two sons and a daughter came in time. The years followed chasing toddlers up the aisles, endless rummy games and White Spot burgers.

My family will be together again this week for E and our daughters birthday dinner in Vancouver. We will celebrate over a glass of wine by the beach. I was too cheap to buy E a birthday present in 91 and gave him a daughter instead. Best present ever!!!

I try not to be envious of the young families this morning as the parents describe their upcoming vacation adventures. I may need to be reminded to look at the view out the window but no reminder is necessary to treasure the memories of our ferry trips with the children. They
travel with me

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