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It one bit


We have never experienced anything but extraordinary medical care. Once again, the community hospital in L is coming through.

Mom had a stroke monday night at 930. Within 12 hours she had been seen by two neurologists, ambulanced between two hospital ER’S (to get all required tests) and admitted to a bed on a ward.

Within half an hour on the ward the other two women had introduced themselves and we had discovered common friends. One of the women used to be in the seniors exercise class with Mom and knew friends of mine from the island.
The other woman knew friends of mine from high school days…

I spent the day exchanging stories, while the patients were under the watchful care of Mark (their nurse). Mark is in the right profession. He is awesome with these women. Respect, genuine concern and infinite patience. Everyone, including me is warmly referred to as Dear, and (for the first time in our lives) we don’t mind
it one bit

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Thinking of you. Glad you have this time together with your Mum!

  2. I have heard nothing by praise about your health care system. Hopefully the US can make it just as great once we get through to the politicians. With care like this, I’m sure your Mom will make a full recovery.

  3. Well, that post didn’t go well, but I’m sure you get the just…edit, edit, edit

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