of the perch

E’s sister and husband visited on the perch last night.. The perch sits outside our living room window. It is a natural rock ledge, about 8 ft X 8 ft, and is suspended over the water. It is a tight fit but we managed to fit in with enough wine to celebrate the sun set.

We went to town today to get some boat gas for our great adventure on Sunday. We were going to take the boat up a couple of hours to the sunshine coast with friends who needed a lift to pick up their new sailboat… But after 15 minutes on the water we realized that there is no way E will be well enough to spend 5 hours on the boat. We had to cancel and feel terrible about it … But they are kind and have forgiven us……

We were back fairly quickly and E returned to bed with a large bottle of Tylenol. He threw his back out chopping wood..

I resumed my position on the deck to work on my lavender projects. july 12b 017.

and then an air show began… Three planes practiced their tricks over the water in front of the perch for about half an hour.

I have seen sea lions, dolphins, otter and whales. But today was my first air show in front

of the perch

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