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We are waiting for the winds to die down before we check the prawn traps. We have had no success dropping them in new as yet undiscovered spots and returned to the proven grounds. Proven for others, at least. We have been skunked with the crab trap too…It may be evening before we can get out there, water is pretty choppy. With the current winds we will be lucky to find the pots at all… We are pretty close to postponing our fishing attempts to the winter months again.. DY has incredible success during the quiet months here and I think we need to follow his lead….. But I have had this hankering for prawns soaked in garlic butter…….. sigh….

Just checked the Deer Cam…. Have some nice shots of Buck staring into it while he munched on salal.. Seems to come by around 10 pm each evening and first thing in the morning. When I returned to put the drive back in the camera, his partner Doe was there. She apparently eats around noon.

I may live off grid, on an island in a forest but that doesn’t mean I like creepy crawling things.. I try to ignore the bugs (and the outhouse) and  focus on the positives.. The wildlife and (indoor plumbing). We don’t get a lot of mosquitos here on the coast but wasps can be a problem at meal times. We don’t need screened porches, bugs aren’t a real big problem. Mice and raccoons though, they are a problem. We have screen doors to keep them out.

I am my own worst enemy though as I continue to feed the birds near the house. My bird feeding hobby brings the raccoons and the mice. I have a big bin of bird seed for my weakness. It sits on top of the washing machine for easy access… Monday I noticed that the top layer of the bin was covered in shells. The Black Oil sunflower seed had been snacked upon….We hadn’t seen any signs of mice in the house but put out some traps just in case, behind the laundry.

Sat down to watch World Cup and snap, the trap went off. Caught one. Reset it… (peanut butter)…. ten minutes later… snap…!!! yikes.  We caught TWELVE in 24 hours…..  Bird seed has been relocated.  Bird feeders will be relocated.

I am looking

for another hobby


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Good thinking! I’m surprised that you haven’t found any in your kitchen! Maybe keep setting them until you go a day without catching any!

  2. Yikes! HOW do they get in???

  3. … you catch and then relocate. Is that how that works:-)

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