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We played hookey today.. Can’t weed all the time.

We live on the Cut. The Cut is a narrow opening between two islands which at low tide dries up completely. At high tide, while following a short narrow route through the rocks you can sneak between the two islands. We have never taken our boat through before. It seemed pointless to take the risk… Today we were feeling wild… Most of the islanders use the Cut with the ease which comes from years of experience… I think it is easiest to learn the route coming from the PC side of it…  july 6 003july 6 004

Took our prawn traps and crab trap with us.. Thought if we dropped them in front of our house we would have less chance of theft.


Last summer we had terrible luck with the traps… They seemed to disappear over night… They get caught up in log bojuly 6 002oms, dragged by tug boats or stolen by nefarious boaters looking for a fast buck on Craigs list. We dropped the crab trap at DY’s favorite spot but dropped the two prawns traps in front of our house.. There is a 200 foot hole we thought we would test.. We put cat food in the prawn traps and old mystery meat from the freezer in the crab trap..

Then we took the boat (I drove) to the Marina nearby for gas. I wanted to learn to drive through the pass. It was slack tide and a great opportunity to learn the markers which guide us in the back door of the Bay.  So we both did something we have never done before… That is always a good day..

When we got to PC to load the boat with the traps, E noticed that there was something missing.

Our kicker (emergency small motor) was gone.

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We are going to go down at low tide tomorrow and see if it dropped off on its own…. (extremely unlikely).. It was on our boat on Thursday when E brought it in. If it isn’t laying on the bottom of the ocean… it is probably

on Craigs list…..


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Ah sorry about your kicker, dumb nefarious nare do wells or however you say that.

  2. I saw your kind comment on my blog today {I Make Soap] and such happiness from me to you all for sharing about your husband.

    I don’t have your email, so I can’t answer your questions – but if you have read my blog for any length of time I am usually NOT this unhappy or a crybaby. It’s is just been a long year, and well….I don’t know how to tell the kids. Would you? Life is a blessing, I know this. And with God’s grace I move forward, but? We all get a little sad sometimes.

    Your blog looks SO interesting. It will be nice to read. Thank you again for the comment.

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