so very kind

I collect friends from my life, like some collect spoons from their travels. From all of the important stages of my life, I still have a friend or two who I hold dear to me. Most are women, who I consider the brightest and strongest of those I have come across. I rely on them for strength in the hard times and humour in the good.. I am in constant amazement that the universe has introduced these incredible people into my life.

Just after we married, I started work as an in-house corporate travel agent. There I met Hutch. Thirty two years ago. It was Hutch who drove me home when I had kidney stones with my first pregnancy. It was Hutch who brought an emergency birthday cake and wine to my apartment on my 30th… (E was in bed sick, and I was feeling sorry for myself)… She moved away after she married but we always kept in touch…

Now she has down sized and moved back to the coast… With her, she brought a patio table and chairs that she has no room for in her townhouse… Her Dad bought it for her so she didn’t want to leave them behind. But they have to go… After she and her family visited the island last summer she offered them to us… (for whenever we do get a new deck)… The problem is how do we get them here….. She lives in a suburb of V, lets call it mountain top..

This is where it gets weird and the cosmic forces take over.

New friends on the island are bringing a truck over by barge. They have offered to bring the patio table and chairs in their empty truck.  They are bringing the truck after they help their son move to a house in a suburb outside of V.  Last night I gave them Hutchs address.

It turns out, that their son lives in the same townhouse complex on the mountain top and are moving to a house about 100 yards from Hutch.

Our old friends are so very generous to be giving us the furniture. Our new friends are so very considerate to be bringing it across for us… To make it just a little less complicated for our friends, the cosmic forces are

Hutch, SH and me on my 30th..... 1987

Hutch, SH and me on my 30th….. 1987


so very kind

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