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accomplished all summer


We were up early. E brought Paul Bunyan over to take some trees down for some of our neighbours. I think they were able to get to four of the projects. There are quite a few people here who need trees taken down before next winter. Mr. Bunyan has some more work ahead of him and he will be back. While he was here we had him look at the three trees which grow up through our deck. We thought all three needed to come down before next winter. Mr. Bunyan says they are good, maybe one should be checked with a drill. But he wasn’t too concerned.

This is why we really like this company.. They can be trusted to do the job and they also give great advice, with an emphasis on saving trees that can saved.

2012 Taking Arbutus down, hanging over the house

Taking Arbutus down, hanging over the house

After E left, I went up to the garden. I was lazy when I planted the tomatoes and the soil should have been enhanced with compost before I planted them. The plants are probably half the size they were this time last summer. Most of the plants are covered in tomatoes though, and seem healthy. I went up early this morning before the heat and lay compost on all of the tomatoes. I emptied one-third of the compost container on top of the root area. I am hoping it will help. Part of the problem too, was lack of water. I have been at SoHo for ten days and there has been very little rain on the island. Last June we had a lot of rain and the garden was soaked thoroughly.

I had the rest of the day to clean the house a bit, bake a bit, read a bit and sit in the sun. I finished the 22 books series by John Sandford… (Lucas Davenport is the central character)…. I am now on the second series by the same author with Virgil Flowers as the central character.. There is still another series after that one…

If I don’t finish all the rest of them soon, I will get nothing

accomplished all summer

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  1. There are summer gardens, winter gardens, cottage gardens, west coast gardens, and so on. Mine is a “soon it will be finished garden”, but it never is. There is that area up there that needs redoing, and that rhodo that needs to be moved, and oh, I need to dig up the irises and move them, and there’s the bed I’d like to make alongside the path. And oh the path…. where are all the flat stones? And so it goes. Time to read during the day? Not likely. I’ll be in the garden. Now if it rains, you’ll find me stretched out on the sofa reading – happy gardener, happy garden.

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