same for you

The running total for post otter attack dog repair is $2000.00. This doesn’t count the extra gas money spent to run him to the vet back and forth for ongoing checkups and surgeries.

On the upside, he is recovering better than expected. The drainage tube and rubber dam have been removed and on Friday he will have the last stent taken out. His mood is improved, he is sleeping well and this afternoon walked on the beach for a bit like his ol’self. He is still on a liquid diet but I snuck him some minced beef with cream cheese this afternoon and he was thrilled.. Opening his mouth is still a problem but I have noticed he tries to lick his chops a bit now, which he couldn’t

do before..                               june 23 002

Between vet visits we were able to provide the venue for  A’s husband, daughter and son-in-law to throw a surprise party for her 60th birthday. A group of us volunteered for decorating and food committees. A flash mob dancing troop was recruited, chefs for the salmon and beef tenderloin assigned, and music playlists prepared. The surprise scenario went off without a hitch and the acting abilities of those involved merited academy nominations… All in all a great deal of fun.. The dogs slept at our house while the party went on here at SoHo.. Sami fresh out of another surgery would have been too stressed to stay here.

I think we had forty able to attend . SoHo is perfect for a party with room for indoor food service and space to socialize both inside and outside on the deck.

With the unexpected costs of dog repair we have postponed all thoughts of a new deck this year. DCD suggested that if we still want a deck at our house we should consider changing Sami’s name to Deck….  So far he doesn’t come to me when I call him that, but he will get used to it.

AW had a cute story to relate. Years ago, a stray cat on the island adopted them as parents. At one point it needed some attention from a Vet. AW commented to JW, her husband that taking her to the vet could be expensive. JW with his famous dry sense of humour turned to her and replied ” Don’t worry A. I’d do the

same for you”



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