to be awesome

The roses are almost done for June. I will prune them back and if all goes well they will bloom throughout the summer.june 16 001

Yesterday morning I noticed the eagle sitting in the tree right outside my window. He had his eye on breakfast in front of the perch.

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That slow loud grinding sound you might have heard Saturday was the sound of time passing as I aged. I awoke Sunday morning a year older than I was on Saturday. Spent my birthday sitting in the garden drinking wine with our eldest. Our other two were only able to call. Chances for us all to be together at once are fewer and fewer as they get busy with their jobs and life.

We went for a walk after dinner up to the farm. (we asked permission first) It was about 8 pm, we left the dogs at home and wandered through the animals serenity. There was 6 deer grazing in one field and next to them the newly shorn sheep. Two weeks ago, twins came as a late surprise to “Foundher” the eldest sheep. I have posted a video of the (twins) skipping.

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Our son brought me a new rose bush for the garden. A red Olympiad..   june 14 013I

I don’t really remember much of my forties. It was just a blur of hospitals, doctors and stress. But my fifties continue

to be awesome



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