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Weeding sitting in the garden during the spring we were entertained by the loud hammering sound of a Flicker working on a tall tree at the end of our lane. We thought he was just making the noise to attract a partner. But nooooo, he/she was making a home.

I was sitting  reading in the garden this afternoon and there was quite the racket coming from that same tree.. About twenty feet off the ground there was a lot of activity.. I grabbed my camera and caught Mama Flicker feeding her new babies in an amazing little home she built in the tree.. A perfect little hole.. She did a great job, twenty feet in the air, safe from predators.

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The Fox Sparrows are doing well….  One foot off the ground and perilously close to many predators.

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We had a nice visit with a CH in the garden this afternoon… I don’t think the garden can ever be a happier place for me than when it is

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. Oh, how amazing, Flickers are my favourite birds, but I’ve never seen a home or babies before. They are always quite shy around the feeder, not like the Hairies and Downies, who don’t seem to worry about me being on the deck with them. I usually only see the Flickers through the window, or occasionally if I’m out there reading (so long as I don’t move a muscle!).

  2. WOW! You have captured “Life in the Nature Channel” beautifully, again and again!

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