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pictures of them


Gorgeous day in the garden. The peace, quiet and scents from the peonies, roses and mock orange provide an amazing cocoon of peace.

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I planted peas in the garden and the package was quite clear that they didn’t need a trellis.. They lied… We had to add wire to the area and hope the peas rally and grow up tall and happy…It is really a mess in there.. I was on my knees carefully trying to attach the pea vines to the wire when a bird leapt out of the Iris beside me….

Last summer, I discovered a nest in the Iris outside the garden… low to the ground.. I tried to protect the three babies with wire caging around the nest area. I took pictures as the little guys grew and was very happy Mom had chosen our garden for her home..  We went to SoHo for a week and when we came back, the babies were gone … I blamed the raccoons..

She has returned to the same nest and has laid three beautiful eggs. I think it is a Fox Sparrow.

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I added more wire to the area and put some on the top too.. Unfortunately if the raccoons want to get in there they will. I know I am not supposed to interfere with nature but… I want to see these babies survive… If for no other reason to get cute

pictures of them


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. That’s an award winning photo of the parent ! beeaautiful

    • whoops, I was lazy and just copied it from my identify bird site.. :(…. I took it off and added one of my own… you caught me!!!!!
      Thanks for keeping me honest

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