to be here

I don’t know who is happier that we are back on the island, Me, the dogs or the hummingbirds. E had tests at St. Pauls.  In the five days we were gone we were also able to see all of our kids and have a good visit with my Mom. We spent a day working on my Moms garage.. Even after a full load to the dump, a load to the thrift store and another load back to the island.. the garage is still full. sigh. We did however find a dresser under all the boxes which, with a little paint will fit perfectly in the den where we took out the closet. (den).

It rained while we were gone so the garden didn’t suffer from my absence. The potatoes and garlic are huge, the tomatoes are settling in nicely and the weeds are flourishing. E finished painting the fireplace. We have kept it red. may 31 021

The hummingbirds are emptying the feeders faster than we can fill them. We are still using our magic brew (my brothers recipe). We are met in the morning with swarms of them around the window, glaring at us with demanding eyes…

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It isn’t dark now until almost ten, the short winter days a distant memory. The sun sets now on the East side of the Narrows.

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We got back on Thursday night, late. We were unencumbered by daylight issues and were able to take the later ferry home. When we return in August we will be able to catch the 715 AM going over saving us an extra night on the outbound. It’s not that we don’t love visiting our family and Didi is very generous to let us stay with her while we do it…It just that we need

to be here   April 2 276

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