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a lucky thing

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Wind. Rain. Storms of any kind can be an issue living on an island like this. Most of us have houses built close to a lot of very old tall trees. We are hesitant to take them down when we are building and tend to tuck houses in amongst them. Years later we sit at night listening to the winds howl during winter storms and wonder which room is least likely to be crushed by a tree.. They are lovely for shade and esthetics in the summer but at night in February during a 100 km storm you wonder… “what was I thinking?”

We drove around the island today taking pictures of murderous trees. Five families want trees taken down. E is organizing the Paul Bunyan guys to come and take them down. They have to be dropped before the heat of summer. Chain saws can cause a spark to a fire and are too dangerous in the hot heat of an August sun. E took pictures to send to the company so they can see what they have to deal with, plan their trips, organize the project. When it is all said and done we have a couple ourselves to be taken down. We are regretful and hesitant but know it is necessary… Everyone on the island is of the same mind, no one likes to take a tree down if it isn’t absolutely necessary.. If it is the house or the tree, the tree has to go..

Before we went to town we put our motion detector camera up at SoHo. There was a robins nest under the climbing hydrangea at the back door. We tucked it in under the top porch beam.                    .   We picked up the camera while we were taking  pictures for the tree falling project. I have posted one of the videos of the robin feeding her (babies), we have forty video clips.  Tomorrow I will put new batteries in and set it again.

On our way back we came across this young family.

We had our camera with us for the tree falling project and it was

a lucky thing

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. I know what you mean by tucking into the trees. We tucked our garden into two “small” fir trees. 10 years later, the firs were taking over the garden – the trunks had doubled in circumference and the crowns were huge thanks to the regular watering. So sadly they had to go and soon – before the burn ban 1 June. Now how do you fall a tree in a garden – you don’t. We hired Nigel Raymer (250-896-8733-Yellowpoint) who, after climbing to the top of the trees, and after limbing the crown, took rounds off one by one, the length to fit our wood stove dropping them perfectly into an as yet unplanted raised bed. Great job. Would highly recommend him. Family friend of the Fraser Gordon’s (who bought Kevin’s place).

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