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to my Mom


We didn’t celebrate Fathers day when I was growing up. I had a piece of crap Father and he wasn’t really around. What I did have was an awesome Mother and Grandma who worked very hard at keeping me honest.  I didn’t envy my friends with their two parents, I had quite enough “to handle” dealing with my Mom.. 🙂

We are in town, E has some testing scheduled and we wanted to see my Mom. I have lived within a block or two of my Mom my whole life and she has been an amazing emotional support to me as an adult. Moving to the island has been hard for both of us. She is almost 93 and still lives in her own home. She was the first person we knew to buy her own personal computer. She was 63.. She upgraded from a laptop and bought herself a tablet as a 90th birthday present. She reads all of her newspapers on it and likes to watch the news clips on demand. When she replaced her roof two years ago she opted for the thirty year warranty instead of the twenty so she could be sure she wouldn’t have to replace it again.

In my life there have been several people who I have hated and if their names are mentioned to this day, my skin crawls. There is a Bob, a Pat and a few Mikes. But I could never bring myself to hate my father. He didn’t exactly invent bigamy but he perfected it.. I still just felt sorry for him.. He missed the joy that it must have been raising me 🙂

My life has been pretty much perfect and I owe it all

to my Mom    Grandma Joyce, Scott and Jack Mortimer be quiet



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8 thoughts on “to my Mom

  1. Wow, she sounds wonderful. I’m glad you have such a Mom, and she did a very good job.

    • Ahh.. thanks MB, You must have had pretty great parents too……

    • I have read this blog article about thirty times and upon hearing of your moms stroke I had to read it again today! Wishing her a speedy recovery…I have eyes filled with tears when I think of just how wonderful your mom is…and thinking of Lisa’s mom and dad…well I am missing my mom…I love your blog and read it all the time …miss you Kerry

      • Thanks Kerry… miss you too… Hanging around L these past two weeks has felt like coming home….We both really did luck out on the parent/in law shuffle of the deck didnt we???…..

  2. Gee, thanks ..sometimes I wonder how I did it..I guess it was because I had such great kids and a wonderful mother.

  3. I loved your wonderful post. It makes all of us who had wonderful Moms stop and be thankful! I wonder if a day goes by when we don’t have some little word, gesture, thought, deed that wasn’t influenced by them. Your Mum sounds like a winner as well as a powerful role model. I loved the part about the tablet! Definitely a role model for me too.

    • Never fails to amaze me when I open my mouth and my mothers words come out.. More and more the older I get… maybe I am not aging but get smarter… :)… Your Mom was pretty lucky in the daughter department 🙂

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