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in the ocean


Sometimes you need to take a day off from weeding and chores and walk the beach.  We live at the end of the island. Between our island and the next there is a small gap. Islanders call it the Cut. At low tide you can walk between the islands. The island next to us is privately owned and we don’t go over there… At high tide boats can make it through if they know what they are doing.

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Some of the islanders gather here in the summer at 4 for cocktails and a swim. The rocks heat under the sun and warm the water as the tide rises. I don’t go down the cliff to the Cut very often. It is not easy for me to do with one functioning arm. E helped Bacardi today and I managed.. but I wasn’t terribly graceful.

may 24 010

We had expected to find more beach glass but were preoccupied with the sea life exposed by the low tide.

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One of you might know the actual name of this fellow we found.. I just call it one of the reasons I don’t like to swim

in the ocean

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. OK so who picked it up to turn it over???????

  2. Great pix as usual! You should go over sometime when the L’islanders are in residence and introduce yourselves. I’m sure they would have known Papa! They no doubt will remember you from the AGM too. 🙂

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