entrance phallic symbol

may 23 020  The sound of torrential rain last night prepared me for a day reading by the window. By the time I had finished my fourth cup of coffee the sun was out. Blue skies and warm. The garden is now well watered with an afternoon of sun.  The potatoes are twice the size as yesterday. With the sun shining I could hear the solar electric fence ticking away as it charged itself.. Take that rascally raccoons!  I picked the rest of my rhubarb yesterday. It is cut and frozen waiting to be taken to my mom. I read in a book somewhere to lay the rhubarb leaves for mulch under the tomatoes..They form a little tepee over where I water them in the mornings..

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We went down to the south house to pick some asparagus for dinner. Spent a good hour wandering the beach looking for sea glass. I thought it was called beach glass.. But I learned today I was wrong (again).. Here are the definitions of the two.

Sea glass and beach glass are similar but come from two different types of water. “Sea glass” is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water. These weathering processes produce natural frosted glass. “Genuine sea glass” can be collected as a hobby and can be used to make jewelry. “Beach glass” comes from fresh water and in most cases has a different ph balance, and has a less frosted appearance than Sea glass. It is often used to make jewellery.

Whatever it is called, looking for it is a great excuse to kill an hour or two wandering the beach in the sun. This is the collection so far from our winters efforts. It isn’t much and not nearly as rewarding as searching for gold in the Klondike but it’s pretty in a wine glass. I can’t see me ever making jewellery from it as I am not crafty or clever so it will remain in the wine glass until my kids throw it out when I am dead and gone… They will probably mutter something about why Mom would be collecting and displaying pieces of  broken bottles…                   .


may 23 021

We received two summers ago two plants from my brother and sister-in-law.. A baby fig from their tree and a Yarrow. We tried to keep the Yarrow down by the house but the deer weren’t aware they didn’t like Yarrow.. It is now behind the electric fence.  We keep the Fig tree on the deer proof perch and have two figs on it this summer.

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Back in the day when JN was excavating at the top of this property he found this great long stone. The R’s asked him to bring it down to the house entrance. They dug deep and stood it on its end.. Quite the show piece. Two of their witty friends brought natural stone balls (two of them) and placed them at the base of the pillar. E has placed a solar light at the base. It seemed only logical to light up our

entrance phallic symbol

may 23 016







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