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down for reference


I have a very selective memory. I can remember random strange events from our past but cannot for the life of me remember names. Names of people, names of places, names of plants or names of birds. Never could and it looks like I never will.

I have all of these beautiful flowers in the garden right now and I refer to most of them by color.. That one there is a blue clematis and that one, it’s a red azalea.. I have the cards for the plants in a box somewhere with their actual names. I need to figure out an easy, clever way to display the names near the plants.

We had company the other day for drinks in the garden and one of the women is a real gardener.. ( I am a fake).. She knows real names of plants and tosses  their Latin names around in conversation like I had a clue what she was talking about.. I kind of nod and think to myself ah.. I think she means the blue clematis. I am surrounded by real gardeners and any time one comes to the garden they ask me the names of my plants, I am pretty sure they are looking for more than what I know cause they are pretty smart women and can tell for them selves the clematis is blue…

We have a new bird in the garden and I can’t find him in my bird book.. I attach his pictures so that one of you can perhaps identify him for me.. He has a quite high-pitched whistle.. Very black with a brown head.

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Here are some pictures from the garden today…

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I am going to head to pinterest to find a way to display my plant names. If one of you knows the name of the bird, do let me know.. I won’t guarantee that I will remember it but I will write it

down for reference

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5 thoughts on “down for reference

  1. The red stove looks spectacular!
    I’ve seen the bird before but can’t remember the name. I’ll look it up when I come back over Sunday or Monday.

  2. Thanks to AW of the W’s in London. She found it for us… It is brown headed cow bird…

  3. Thanks L, just wait til we get the final coat on it!!!

  4. Male brown headed Cowbird, the female is all brown. Lays eggs in other birds nest so they can raise them.

    Have a Great Day



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