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the nature channel


My days have fallen into the summer routine. I head up to the garden these days by 9AM to water the vegies before it gets too hot, putter a bit and then come back around three.. I am not complaining about the heat.. It is wonderful. Our house faces West. The down side of all of the sunshine which we are able to collect for solar power is the heat in our house.. It gets very hot in the afternoons. We have a lot of windows and when its sunny… Hot!!

We have ordered new blinds and they should be in by the middle of June. They are called solar shades and although they keep the sun and heat out of the house they also let you see and appreciate the view. I think it will make a huge difference for us. We have put it off as long as we could and after the last few days realized solar shades needed to be bumped to the top of the to do list. Several of our neighbours have them and we have been impressed….. I will post pictures when I have them.

I made cookies this morning for Bridge night. Before I could get up to the garden the JMR’s called from their boat in the channel.  Three Orca were swimming in front of their boat at BH. I lay on the perch with my camera and binoculars and pretty much forgot about watering anything… We watched them for about an hour before they disappeared. I don’t know why they always seem to swim so close to the other side of the channel. They need to come and explore closer to me on this side, then my pictures could be better. At first I thought one of them had a white tip on the top of the fin but it was actually a crab trap float behind it…..

Not much else was accomplished after their visit. We opened our books and relaxed. Just can’t seem to rally any energy for chores after an Orca sighting.

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Tonight was Bridge attempt number two with the JMR’s… It was great fun.. So far there has been no fighting or cussing, just laughter and support. The cookies turned out great, the hands entertaining and we all still want to continue. All in all it was another darned fine day living on

the nature channel

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  1. They are wonderful at games and both are always supportive and teasing. I miss our Wednesday game and pizza night, a delight all winter long!

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