their old toilet

In the never-ending attempt to turn my garden into the haven we created in L… we present our new addition.

may 19 b 030

The JMR’s offered this Acorn fireplace to us yesterday at the island picnic. When the K’s didn’t want it anymore, the JMR’s had given it a home. But the JMR’s don’t really have a good spot for it and it wasn’t used as often as they thought. But its perfect for my garden living room. When there are no fire restrictions on the island (June – October), I will be able to sit by the fire on my union breaks from weeding and have a glass of wine rest my weary bones.

We have an annual picnic on the island on the May Long weekend. It is very casual… Yesterday there were about sixty who attended and it was great fun to see probably twenty children. Lots of visiting family to the island at this, the opening weekend of the summer. I didn’t stay long. Panic sets in when crowd chit chat is called for and I run not walk back to the garden to sit in peace. Before the picnic/panic I wandered down to the swamp to say hello to Hudson.. He wasn’t around but I saw his lodge is out from under the water.

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There were so many new flowers blooming in the garden this week, I wanted to record them. I can’t take credit for most of them. They are the Iris which the R’s left me.. Each so different and pretty.

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E sanded and  painted the chimney on the new fireplace black today and the next time we go to town we will get some fun color (blue?) to paint the fireplace itself. E put some bricks down for the stove to sit on more for leveling than anything else. I will move some of the plants away from it in the fall and give it a bit more space. It was great of the JMR’s to think of us for yet another of their appliances they no longer needed.  Why wouldnt they? We also have

their old toilet

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