wear my glasses

We headed into town today. Not so much because we really needed anything but to avoid any need to go anywhere near BH during the May long weekend. I drove the TinMan there and  most of the way  back. When we headed home, that “Darned Panache” (my affectionate name for my friends boat) was in its spot so E took the boat around her and then I brought us the rest of the way.. I have a very long way to go before I am comfortable driving the TinMan. I can’t imagine ever doing it alone but maybe in ten or twenty years I will look back at these learning days and mock my lack of confidence…

I picked up a few baskets of cheap lobelia to fill in the W’s flower pots. There are buds on the geraniums we overwintered and it looks like they are alive.. Thanks EU for her encouragement..  (See EU one minute I complain about your boat and the next minute I thank you for your advice!!!). I will plant them tomorrow, they were cheap because they are root bound.. Won’t take a minute and with the weather so warm, it’s not too early.

My previous posting about Bridge prompted an invitation to play with  MR and JR who also hadn’t played in thirty years.. I suspect even at our finest Bridge hour we didn’t know as much as JR and she still could play a trick or two.. It was fun and we will try again.. We were proud of ourselves last night when we finally nailed down who shuffles for who and who cuts when… Baby steps..

I took a minute to take pictures yesterday of everything blooming in the garden. The Yellow Tree Peony is outstanding and has an amazing lemon chiffon scent.  Against all recommendations from gardening forums I dug it up from our house in L and put it in a pot for two years. When we came here I planted it in a partially shaded spot in front of the Clampet house. It has doubled in size. I have since bought a white and pink Tree Peony as they seem to be happy here.

May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014

To bribe my bridge partner to be kind when I screwed up, I took my first bouquet of the summer from our garden.

It must have worked because she was very kind when I bid the wrong red suit.. Next time I will

may 15b 012

May 14, 2014

wear my glasses                                             .

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