our first mermaid

We have seen guests come to the island who have never seen or held a starfish. Never played hide and seek with crabs under the beach rocks.. We grew accustomed to these sights growing up on the west coast and with easy access to the gulf islands.

Many of the things we have witnessed in the last two years we hadn’t seen before, didn’t know existed or never had the chance to experience. I was so busy last summer and rarely in the house or on the computer that I never posted for several months. I am posting a couple of my favorites from last summer.

In my garden in L we had the occasional hummingbird visits. They would play in the sprinklers on hot summer days. You might catch a glimpse of one flying in and out of the water spray, they were rare on my feeders . I had never seen the numbers that appear at our feeders here on the island. A flock of hummingbirds is called a charm. We have three feeders which we fill daily… We are charmed!!.. What I had never seen until I lived here,  was a hummingbird sitting on a tree branch at rest. It happens all of the time in front of our window and they are gorgeous to photograph.         july 7 059


Without much success in L, I would plant flowers to attract butterflies. We had a few, not many

and nothing like this…                         .june 13 022


We have had our share of racoons sightings.. But these were our first triplets….


I am looking forward to more “first sightings” this summer. But it will be hard to beat this strange one. She appeared from nowhere…

Our first mermaid..

aug 16 006





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