my learning curve

The trials and tribulations of living off grid while trying to incorporate modern technology continue.

I had mentioned before that I blew the electronics on my kitchen aide this winter. Yesterday, I managed to fry my laptop. I got the blue screen of death. I was about to check my emails when the laptop battery died. The generator was on so I plugged the laptop in while it was in the on position… And that was all she wrote…. I live with a computer genius who is trying to repair it for me.

E, the genius is home from the hospital and doing surprisingly well. He came home armed with great drugs and seems to be fairly comfortable.

I used my free time in town to visit nurseries and support the local economy. I now have lots of flowers for the planters and veggies for the garden. The cold frame is over flowing. I paid great prices as they all need to be potted up. Just need the weather to cooperate and i will have hours of joyful entertainment.

We didn’t use the family boat for the backing and forthing. I drove the Tinman. It helped that all the neighbouring boats were away. The weather was good too. Learning to drive the boat on flat water is about as hard to do as learning to drive a car in an empty parking lot. The hard part is the docking which is very much like parking your Dads Escalade at London Drugs on Christmas Eve.

So the week went well medically and nautically but once again it was the darn battery systems which knocked me back on
my learning curve


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