as I get

If you found me repetitive in the first year with pictures of sunsets and I grew boring in my talk of sea lions for the last four months, I give you fair warning, there is going to be lots of garden talk coming up.

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As I have mentioned the garden came with a really cute shed/chicken coop.. Today we finished its conversion to “The Clampet’s old house”.

Back in the day, I would have a load of mulch delivered to the house every year for the garden beds..

My children would dread its arrival.  6

Living on an island like we do there is no luxury of home delivery. Pizza, Chinese food and mulch do not come to our door.

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I have no access to cedar mulch yet the weeds are just as tiresome.. E has been splitting some very large rounds of Douglas Fir with a chainsaw. The gorgeous shavings are now my island mulch. I lay them on the vegie garden pathways in a vain attempt to inhibit the weeds.. Living on an island like this you need to make do with what you have. You need to get creative.

As for the Clampets old house, that is about as creative

as I get



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