its not poison

I summarized herring spawn season yesterday.. Today I summarize our wine making situation.
Our eldest gave us a wine making kit for Christmas.. A Valpolicella.. (he knows me well). We made those thirty bottles on January 25th and bottled them on February 22nd. We would have bottled a day earlier but the bag of corks blew off the back of the pick up truck and got lost in the snow. A mouse had gotten into them by the time they were found. Someone had found them in the snow and hung them on the Y’s tree.. I don’t know why the Y’s, everyone knows he drinks Lucky. E opened the first bottle yesterday (April 26th).

We realized that for the summer we will need some white… (as you do).. So we bought the kit and made it on March 3rd. We bottled thirty Pino Grigio on April 1st. The store didn’t have enough corks that day so we used screw tops for the white.. They said it wouldn’t make any difference. They, also apparently know me well…

We realized that thirty red wasn’t going to help us much during the winter. So we went back to the store and bought the kit for an Amarone. They suggested we keep it for six months so we figure it can be our winter red.. Everyone needs a winter red…. E made it on April 7th. Our  thirty winter red will bottled  June 7th… I should think December 7th you can guess what we will be doing….We have ninety bottles of wine on the go and as they say.. It’s a good start

The weather today has changed from rain to sun ten if not twenty times.. Just enough to have an excuse to not work but not enough that you can’t enjoy a walk or two to the garden. Yesterday E painted the two leaded glass windows our brother-in-law salvaged. He painted them red to match the door on the garden shed.. He is going to hang them on the porch.. I love how they turned out.. Pictures to follow when he gets them installed.  I also hung some plates on the trellis’.. It is after all my second living room… It’s coming together well and I am pleased.. I will get the vegies this week while I wait for E at the hospital… I figure I can easily spend  2 -6 hours at the nursery… Don’t get me wrong, I will be worrying about him while I browse the petunias.. but its a better place to worry  than a waiting room…

We were low on our $8.00 wine yesterday so E cracked the first of the Valpolicella.  It was a gift from our son, but would be about $4.00 per bottle. E thought it was pretty good. Honestly I couldn’t tell the difference between the two… We are very pleased and thank our son. Good news for our future dinner guests.

It’s not poison                                                              april 18 065


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