is not over

On what is our second anniversary of living here full-time I reprint my first blog entry from March 14, 2012…..          .

It seems like we have been living in limbo for a very long time . In fact, it has been ten months .

Ten months since we agreed that our experiment with living in a townhouse was a mistake . We put the townhouse on the market June first, and began looking for a house . Honestly, we thought we would be settled into a house by Christmas . But the townhouse never sold, and we couldn’t find a  house  which we could both afford and see ourselves living in til ‘the end’. We have no desire to  go through this again .

We started to really examine how we want to spend the next twenty years. We listed with a different realtor and met with friends on an island who were selling their property . It had always  been a dream to live on this island and it occurred to us that there is nothing stopping  us. We settled on a price  and waited for a reasonable offer on the  townhouse . November 11th, 2011, the  townhouse sold and we agreed on a May first possession date for the island  property .

We had to rent a house  while we transition . We have been living here since December with most of our belongings in boxes. Boxes in my moms garage, boxes  in the storage locker, boxes are everywhere. So much of it still needs to be sorted out but we are getting there. We look forward to the point when the transition is over and we can enjoy the next chapter of our lives. I know we will never regret whatever time we get on the island. We are hoping for twenty years there, but we will reassess after five . Right now it is the best thing we can do for our health and happiness, even if we have to move back sooner than we hope.

For now I am trying to grin and enjoy living life in an old rental house.

It is only temporary !!!

I reprint that entry to evaluate the validity of my expectations that night in the rental house, surrounded by boxes. First of all, I am only 56 and I should have said “how I want to spend our next 30 years”… I hadn’t seen AB climb the W’s stairs and realized the fountain of youth was on this island when I estimated twenty years. After two years we do not regret moving to the island and find it unlikely that there will be any change after five years.. Any thoughts of a reevaluation are unlikely. As I sit here in the living room I can see the sunset and embrace the peace our new home has brought to our lives                                                      .april 25, 2014 001  My mothers garage is still full of furniture and knickknacks. We have paintings on the floor which will never be hung and there are still boxes in the bedroom which are unpacked… Apparently the transition stage  

is not over



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