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the kitchen counter


Almost finished the island newsletter..I work from a list. As ideas come to me in the months between editions, I add them to the list. I am still waiting on a couple of articles to come in.  (you know who you are .. haha).. Last night the AGM minutes came in and they needed more space than expected. You can’t add just one more page there has to be two…At 6 am this morning I remembered an article, that I had left off the list. Bingo bango bongo the blank page was filled with words of wisdom…

DY suggested a new author a month ago and E and I are working our way through the twenty odd books in his series… John Sandford is the author and the detective is Lucas Davenport. The murders can be kind of gruesome (as you would expect), I just skip those bits. It is surprising the number of serial killers who live in Minneapolis.

The weather continues to be crummy and provides an excellent excuse to read.I haven’t had the camera out in days. The water is too bumpy for any great sea life activity and for all intents and purposes the sea lions have left the area…. The Scoters are still at SoHo. They blanket the water preparing to fly further out to sea. When they do begin to fly, it is en masse and only a few feet above the water. Driving the boat I tried to go around them but  still got pretty close. They didn’t move.

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E drove the W’s boat over Tuesday for its check up and I followed along in the family boat. It was a beautiful crossing and the last time we had any sun.

I have always been fairly organized and credit my  skills insanity to keeping lists. For twenty-two years there was a calendar on the kitchen counter of house which acted as a list. If the kids needed anything from me. I would just say add it to the list.. If it wasn’t in the calendar it didn’t happen… brownies for school, money for hot dog day.. karate practice…. I ran my life by lists…

Living here the list is different. It is still on the kitchen counter but it is usually a list of random items for the several projects on the go at any given moment, vents, wire, fence staples. It is the fault of the list when we have sixteen stops when we go to town. Listing items for the newsletter is new for me. I was keeping it on the computer in the newsletter file but I obviously need to put it with the other lists

on the kitchen counter

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  1. …are you going to write an article about your Islander blog in the Decourcey Tides Newsletter? Initially, your blig was private and more of a private journal, then you broadened to include your kids…and now it is morphing into a public blog. But I think you should invite Islander people to google you or subscribe.

    • I don’t know.. I hate for people to think I am pushing it and somehow implying it’s interesting 🙂
      I will think about it… Thanks for the comment though….

  2. Lists – I get it, if it’s not on my list it doesn’t get done, bought or whatever!!

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