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their anchorage updates


We live here for a lot of reasons but one of the main ones is that I can no longer handle stress. Not at all, none. I don’t do crowds, critics, loud noise, chaos, leaf blowers or skateboards. I love socializing but have to manage it carefully. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life taking pills and so we made the changes necessary for me remain sane and E, therefore much happier also. (happy wife=happy life)

Life is an adventure and living off grid on an island is quite enough adventure stress for me and him at this point in our lives. But our good friends the Y’s here on the island set out today on their grand adventure. I should think when they are home and finished their trip they will have just about concluded their bucket list. They have headed to Alaska on their 29 foot sailboat.. Estimated return some time at the end of September.. Awesome photos of icebergs, bears, cougars and humpbacks are all on the list. They will fish along the way and row hundreds of miles as they explore the inlets near their anchorages.

They have a nifty device to track their progress and monitor their safety. They press a button when they are moored and ten people are notified of their location. It is a simple and uncomplicated way to assure their family (and friends) that all is well.  We are one of the ten and have been asked to keep the islanders informed. I have started a page called Final Shot. It is password protected.. just type in their last name and you can see where they are each day..It will look something like this, which we just received from them now.Yardley1a

E’s surgery is scheduled for next week. Also scheduled was a trip to Vancouver, a bone density exam, several dentist appointments including a crown, completing our taxes, publishing the island newsletter and two ferry trips and dealing with the accompanying hysterical dog.. I have pre-empted my anticipated breakdown and cancelled the medical test, dental appointments and trip to Vancouver. E will do the taxes and I will finish the newsletter. We will stay close to home for ten days and schedule book reading, gardening and hockey playoffs…

All the while we will be wishing the Y’s a safe journey and dream vicariously through

their anchorage updates.


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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

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  1. If any of my other friends want to watch the progress of the Final Shot… let me know and I will give you the password

  2. We are just preparing dinner, pressure cooked lamb shank. Had an awesome crossing of Georgia Strait, big waves and lots if wind. The dingy tried to pass us several times. Stayed totally dry, think we have sun tans already. Top speed today 11.4 knots!!
    Kathy and Dave

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