and strength around

In the garden at the old family home our kids spent hours and hours helping me with the heavy lifting. They shoveled mulch and gravel every year and spent hours digging holes for plants. After one day with all three of them on the island  my garden is prepared… It is ready now for the fun stuff.. Nothing left to do but spend hours and hours sitting in my chair and watching the birds enjoy their home.

Well, except for the vegetable planting and planting of annuals and weeding and tidying… but the really un-fun stuff is done.

I love bright coloured odd objects in the garden.. I find bright-colored random objects can entertain you when there isn’t anything in bloom… Our daughter luckily agrees with me and spent the day painting the cold frame bright yellow. This garden used to house chickens…. It came with the what not it takes to feed chickens… I don’t have any chickens so our daughter painted the feeders bright lime green.. I love it!!!!

The boys helped E replace five rotten posts which surround and protect the garden. The wire is going to have to be replaced. We have rewired the electric fence and hope the deer/rabbits and raccoons don’t notice that the garden isn’t as secure as it should be tonight… But the posts are in good and solid with a little concrete base.. Great help to have the boys dig the holes and shovel the concrete for E.

Hung two trellises for the climbing roses… We are going to need a few for the clematis but no rush… After 6 hours of work they  headed down to the house to watch hockey playoffs.. E is a huge fan of Montreal and has been since the 70’s… They are all down in the den talking hockey.  E  loves having the kids around to talk intelligently about their shared favorite pastime. I don’t have much to contribute on the topic but I do love having their willingness

and strength around

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