Easter egg hunt

With Easter upon us my day turned to thoughts of the Tidelines and its impending self-imposed deadline. Everyone (almost) has their promised articles in. I spent the better part of this rainy day cutting and pasting, editing and photo shopping. It is the joy of editing the island newsletter. (don’t tell anyone but I do actually like doing it)

The ideal would be four issues a year but honestly two is plenty. One to begin “the season” and one to summarize it. This spring I have spent so much time staring at sea lions and herring that my editing work ethic is suspect.. but… today…. I was a good kid….

When I get down to it, my friends and contributors hear about it….my emails start coming fast and furious askingdemanding pleading for submissions…. For those of you reading… we still have room if you want to send me your words of wisdom, humor or musings.

I was thinking I might put in a link to the videos from the blog.. Other islanders might like to see what has been going on.. They of course are all welcome to read the blog but I don’t like to push it on people so pretty much wait to be asked for access… Word seems to be getting out there… So far no one has thrown tomatoes at me as I drive down the road…

The boys arrive tonight and SoHo is ready for all three kids to sleep there.. We lit a fire this morning to help take the chill off.. The weather is less than ideal and I wish everyone had been here last weekend….. but good weather or bad … it is still a pretty nice place to spend Easter with your family… In case my lovely company isn’t enough, we have a ton of food to keep them entertained.

We used to come here most Easter weekends when the kids were small.. Between the chocolate we would bring for them and the chocolate Papa and Guy had for them, they were pretty spoiled kids. The Easter Bunny would scatter the eggs beneath Guys Daffodils and it would make for a pretty awesome

Easter Egg Hunt


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