it’s all good

It was a long day yesterday in town. We had to be at the hospital by 8:30 for yet another test. It went quickly and we had the day to wait for our daughter to arrive for a visit. We had the time to look into some changes we want to make to a system or two and a nice breakfast out in a restaurant!

Not many restaurants (none) here so that was a treat. But we had sixteen stops and the three of us arrived back here pretty tired. As soon as we sat out on the perch the sea lions cooperated and entertained our daughter on queue.. It was incredibly hot and sunny out there and we could have been convinced it was August.

Today we are back to normal with unsettled conditions.. It was lovely sitting at SoHo this morning. Hundreds of herring gulls and sea gulls eating the eggs on the kelp at low tide. They were a noisy site.

We have the boys coming for the weekend and are planning a project to complete with the extra help. Prices have come way down for solar panels and we are thinking of upgrading our solar power.. With the sun we get here in the afternoons it is a terrible waste not to increase our capacity. We plan to move the current solar panels up to the studio to run the tools in the workshop and the future guest room…. The benefits would pay off fairly quickly and it would be a great help to have the boys here to lift the panels. Great for them to learn how to install systems like that too…I didn’t mind sacrificing my garden fencing plans for a new solar panel system…..

But the Doctor  just called and they have finally (?) found what was causing the abnormality on one of E’s tests in March… He has to go into the hospital to have a big rock (Doctor’s description of the kidney stone)  removed and will meet with a specialist tomorrow for a consult.. I am going to go too and bring the family boat back here. If he can’t drive for some reason during this process I can drive us back and forth in the Iluka.. Our daughter is here to take care of the dogs in the morning.. We are hoping this can all be taken care of by the weekend and will know tomorrow…

So plans they come and plans they go but as long as we get to see our kids

it’s all good



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