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nature has planned


Living in the moment. Living in the moment is what SF appreciated that we are doing here.  At night we go to bed with our good weather plan for the next day and a bad weather plan for the next day. But those plans go out the window when the national geographic takes over our day.

Our sister-in-law woke up to the nature channel in the bay at SoHo. The herring spawn had returned to the south beach. We didn’t want to intrude so began our good weather projects. I was weeding in the garden and E was working under the house. Our grey water pipe is plugged and he is working on getting it cleaned out…E got a great video of two squirrels fist fighting…(squirrels)

But the Y’s texted that the herring spawn was at the Marine Park. We went over to watch with them and the K’s. It was lovely eagles, sunshine and seals galore.. It was a beautiful sight. Thought while we were on that side of the island we would go down and say hi to S at SoHo. Oh my almighty it was gorgeous over there. Seals, sea lions, eagles, gulls and sunshine … it was awesome… We had a wee visit with her and her friend before getting back to work..april 13 180

We dug up four baby fir trees in my garden to take to S to help with a privacy screen beside her new driveway. It was cocktail hour so took the trees and a bottle of wine to her Point.. Four of us sat with the dogs in the sunshine and were entertained by the nature channel. Sea lions close enough to feel their breath… herring jumping out of the water in desperate attempts to get away from their predators found themselves in jeopardy flopping in the seaweed on the shore.. E couldn’t stand it and walked out to the rocks to throw them back into the water.. At least then they had a sporting chance.

The Y’s floated by and pulled their boat in to share a brew and watch the show. It was a lovely evening. Great company… great show and an awesome treat sharing S’s new Point with her..

I don’t know what tomorrow has in store but I have a great plan for good weather, bad weather and what ever

nature has planned

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We are a retired couple living on an off grid island on the West Coast

4 thoughts on “nature has planned

  1. That shot of sea lion fins is a classic! Your post so reminds me of a time we were down at Warren’s counting eagles awaiting their herring gorge. Did we count 76 or 106 eagles? Whatever, it was truly amazing. Lovely to know you are carrying on the family tradition….

  2. We counted 52 eagles from F’s water’s edge (in SoHo’s bay), at about 9:45 this morning. It was a great show.

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